Moving Forward, Service and Support

“What is the least amount of intervention I can make to achieve the most productive change ?” This question was asked 30 years ago by Dr. Donald Epstein founder of Reorganizational Healing. When you work toward reducing your discomfort, you’ll only achieve a lessening of what bothers you. Instead, if you move your awareness to the next level, the problems you had at the previous level will take care of themselves. AND you’ll feel more alive!
The right amount of force at the right time cues your higher brain to observe where the body is storing tension.
Your body is wise. It is capable of self awareness and self correction. The Light touches of Network Spinal Analysis  help your brain recognize and reorganize areas of muscle tension. The effect of each treatment is like an upgrade to your hard drive. Perhaps you’d also enjoy an increased sense of ease and depth of perception.
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The experience begins with an assessment of your spine and posture. The structure of your body, your behaviour and your thoughts and feelings are all connected. You’ll discover where you tend to hold tension in your muscles. You’ll explore where you breath with ease along the muscles that support your back and neck.
At each session light touches at specific points on the neck or back help the brain recognize where everything is perfect and where other parts are out of sync or holding tension. You become aware of your breath expanding in a new way, in a place you weren’t aware of before. You’ll feel at ease, and have more clarity again. Recent injury or stress will heal quickly.
When your breath flows with ease along the entire length of your spine you’ll experience the breath as a wave. NSA calls this the “respiratory wave” and it is one of the observable signs that you have the basics of Level 1 of three levels of care.   Once the breath has opened fully, your brain receives regular images of the spine and its organization.  On average it takes several months to acquire basic level one skills.
In Level 2 of NSA you develop awareness of movement as you refine your skills.  Often what’s right about us (and the wrongs) involves a pattern of behaviors we repeat. As you become aware of movement the tension of your muscles reorganizes into ease. Areas of chronic or repeated build up of tension begin to dissolve and don’t come back. Chronic problems begin to show new change. You achieve what wasn’t possible before.   When the muscles along the length of your spine move with greater ease you will experience the second wave of healing. NSA calls this the “Network Wave” for short . . . read the research if you want to know its technical name.
Level two gives you the ability to take charge of your health by breaking through obstacles, and focusing the energy released into new choices and creating a plan for action. At last you can experience your body performing as you know it can. You’ll transform your health or your limit by sensing what is behind your resistance to change. You’ll have the energy and information you need to move forward efficiently and effectively.
From your first visit you’ll experience how to assess your ease and tension. You’ll discover how to pay attention to where your breath flows with ease. This will begin your journey in Levels of Care and become one of the key tools in awakening your breath, your movement, your energy and ultimately your passion for life!
From there if you choose to become a practice member (by proceeding through Level 2 of care) you can transform and awaken new abilities through 12 Stages of Healing, and the 12 rhythms of breath and movement that let you know exactly where you’re at in health, mind and heart.
SRI skill workshops are there to support you in experiencing the rhythms and components of each stage of healing and living. There a workshop for 12 Stages of Healing that will assist you in deepening the meaning you get from each stage experience.
With Reorganizational Healing, NSA and SRI sound like amazing ideas, but the real juice is from getting the experience…Make the connection. There isn’t an easier more enjoyable and efficient way to