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Five “F”s

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five effs

How do you say Hello?

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Hello! Welcome to the first post! I’m Dr. Robin Browne and I serve people living in Edmonton, Alberta with a unique healing method: Reorganizational Healing. In our fast paced lifestyles we often end up with complex, stressful and even painful health issues. We assume a complex problem requires a big solution, but in fact, the solution is simple.

Living is about the experiences  from our relationships to each other and events in our lives. Healing Arts, expressive arts and martial arts all depend on the quality of the relationship between people. How do you connect with others? How do you connect with events in your life?

When you say ,”Hello” to someone for the first time, all the secrets for healing, expressing, and fighting are engaged. You step up, and say Hello. The quality of the interaction depends on two factors: paying attention, and being natural/authentic.

How can you tell when you’re paying attention? Easy, you’re aware, not busy thinking about anything. You’re not expressing or preparing, you’re receptive observing and listening. If you’re too comfortable, people might find that odd or lackadaisical. If you’re too intense, it can be overwhelming. Like the Three Little Bears, its all gotta be just right…right?

How can you tell when you’re natural? Well, you cannot be “trying to be” anything, that always falls short. And this is the challenge, the great equalizer of us all: there is no trick, just be natural.

The quality of how well you step up and behave naturally makes your first impression, and every impression thereafter. Reorganizational Healing is a wellness method for helping you clear the obstacles to healing and evolving. The stored tension in your muscles, carried as a way of dealing with life’s stresses, gets in the way of everything you want more of.

Stored tension in muscles interferes with attention and engagement of your healing and evolving. Reorganizational Healing shows you how to connect with stored tension and reorganize it into new resources for stepping up and saying Hello in every part of your life.

Reorganizational Healing is  the art and science of simple, authentic, sustainable change.