Finding Your Way

Life is filled with constant demands. Because of this you may experience muscle tension, aches and pains, disease, and stress. Perhaps you simply feel disconnected, or hyper-aware. You just want to get back to the way your life was before.
Many remedies for mending yourself may lessen your discomfort because they are designed to restore you to who you were and where you were before . That’s a great deal especially when it works like it should. However . . .What do you do if it isn’t working?
If a problem returns, or persists, and your body is unable to resolve the issue, then you need a new approach: how can you create an effective change, and how will you know?


Hello, I’m Dr. Robin Browne and I practice a method of chiropractic that is simple, safe and helps you feel more alive. I developed this website and blog to introduce you to Network Spinal Analysis: a new way to heal and connect to your own inner wisdom. The model of healing I use at New Strategy Wellness allows your body to heal and become more vibrant while deepening your sense of focus and ease. Light touches at specific places on the neck and lower back, at the right time, cue the brain to become aware of stored tension.

What actually happens? Network Spinal Analysis begins with helping your body connect to larger general areas of muscle tension around your neck, back, shoulders and hips. Each visit you find and release more tension, while your body improves in skills of self awareness and self correction. Gradually you’ll recognize how to pay attention to your body signs of wellness to guide you to more energy for living and enjoying life to the fullest.

“How do you say hello?” Body awareness is one of the key components of modern wellness. It is also a skill that is easy to acquire, that grows into a gift with practice and experience. So we begin our healing journey with a task that in many ways is as simple as, “how do you say hello?”

I’ve studied martial arts, movement arts and healing arts over the last 30 years, and they all share a few key ingredients. They also require much time and effort to develop decent levels of ability. At a point in my Tai Chi training it became clear that no matter how many maneuvers I could master, there was a simpler way, a more effortless way that relied on inner knowing instead of thinking. How did my instructors know when I was there? How would I know when I got there?
When change is happening all around you, and you are unable to change with it, your body goes into tension. When the needs for change reach a certain level you’re body will go into the “fight or flight” stress response, your breath shallows, your posture moves to defense instead of support, and you lose flexibility. Your body comes to expect pressure and strain, establishing a baseline of stress the more often a stressful event happens.
You may be aware of the need for change but if you are unable to do it, your body lacks sufficient energy or information to adapt to the stress you experience. As a result your body drops to a lower energy state by dropping to a lower brain level, triggering your defenses and storing your stress as muscle tension. When a similar event happens you will experience the symptom more, and this triggers you to breath less and lose energy and focus. Lower brain centers are simple, fast, and react to help you become less aware of the stressful event or circumstance and to forget where you put the stored tension.
The symptoms of stress and illness are a message from your body to Stop, Pay Attention, and Change a Behavior.
If you cannot get enough energy for change from the environment around you or from your own metabolism, where can you find the energy and information for change?

Stored tension, in the muscles that support and move your spine, is between you and where you want to be in life, PERIOD.
When you no longer carry stored tension in muscles, you feel less pain and discomfort. You also have much more energy. Your posture will balance (even with scoliosis!). You will be breathing and moving with more ease. You become naturally aware of what drives you, and how stored tension interferes with your plans.

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New Strategy Wellness is about a new way to move forward in your health and in your life. As you become aware of stored tension you will feel relief. You will learn as thousands of others have, that when you no longer carry tension as a way of dealing with it, you will also know how to live better. The more you experience Network Care, the more you’ll reorganize your tension into Ease and Wisdom.
There are 12 breath and movement exercises that are designed to support you to expand and succeed further. Even the 1st breath movement exercise will bring you wisdom and abilities to last a lifetime.
The experience is what you need, so …  get started today …  if you’re ready to turn your pains into progress and your progress into a life of extraordinary wellbeing.